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Fat separators
Fat separators
The importance of collecting fat

Buffets, canteens, large or small restaurants, the food processing units and other units with similar technologies, produce vegetable oils or fats used in large quantities. If at the level of the companies there are institutions of information, such as: Ministry of Environment, Environmental Guard, Environment Agency, OPC, ANSVSA, etc. situation changes radically in the private sector as the information is entirely missing. Waste management slowly became in Romania what ought to be for some time, namely: a basis component of overall economic activity, and must be seen not as a source of additional costs, but as a path to a better life in a cleaner environment.
fat separators
Fats and waste cooking oil damages the environment and people, but their deposit on the walls of the sewer system produces shuttered, faster corrosion, odor and may affect facilities, pumping stations and water treatment.
Having been raised by from the citizens the fats and oils goes to processing. The oil also expired in large chain stores go to the collection center. “Processing means the oil cleaning  from dirt, water and garbage. It is then treated in various finished products, such as Biodiesel, glycerin or lubricating emulsions for the industry”.

fat separators
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