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Separatoare de hidrocarburi
Hydrocarbons separators

Hydrocarbons separator is part of equipment whose purpose is to stop hydrocarbons and insoluble materials present in storm water discharges. Usually contains two compartments: a decanter and a separator.

hydrocarbons separators manufacturer in Romania

Depending on the quality of treated water separators have two classes of hydrocarbons:
• Class 1: Water processed oil contains less than 5 mg / l, according to the analysis of the NF EN 858-1 and NTPA-001 (Model coalescence filter).

• Class 2: Water processed oil contains less than 100 mg / l, according to the analysis of the NF EN 858-1 and NTPA-002 (Model no coalescence filter).
hydrocarbons separators  
Hydrocarbons separator with bypass
Hydrocarbons separator bypass has the same functions as a common separator, but allows larger flows treatment in case of storm, up to five times the flow rate.

The amount of water entering the compartment separator is limited. However, when flow is above the high exposure limit, it is discharged through the bypass, without disrupting the operation of the separator
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