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Hydrocarbons separators
Hydrocarbons separators
Operating principles

According to EU standards, any car wash, service station fuel industrial sites, must have channels, desanding and pre-treatment systems and sludge and oil separator, to prevent environmental pollution with oil products used in the current activity.

The principle of operation of hydrocarbons separators are based on specific gravity difference between water and hydrocarbons, respectively the solid material in wastewater.

The substances that may lead to the formation of stable emulsions should be avoided since the design phase.

Hydrocarbons separators operating principles

Wastewater enters the separator through the inlet, the flow is quiet jet installed burglar inside. Coarse particles (mud) is separated from the bottom of the gravitational decantor, first compartment separator (decanter sludge). Next, the wastewater enters the oil separation chamber, where, due to the difference in specific gravity, it forms a layer separating hydrocarbons from water surface.

Coalescence filter helps to separate very fine particles of hydrocarbons existing in wastewater. From the separation chamber, the fluid changes the direction and passes through coalescence filter and through a system of chicanes. Coalescence filter is composed of a mixture of wires arranged in a random structure that creates three-dimensional flow and a local microturbulents. This flow regime serves to prolong and intensify the contact of effluent with surface fibers.

Micro-droplets of oil, too fine to separate in the first phase, so get in contact with the fiber and adheres to it. Over time, the accession of several larger one droplet is formed, which due to uplift, fall off and climb to the surface. The chicanes system retains these drops under a thin film on the surface of the gaps between them, which are removed through the drain (discharge).

Clean water is discharged under the layer of the hydrocarbons on the principle of communicating vessels, through gravity.
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