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Septic tanks
Septic tank - Solution for area without sewer
Modes of disposal of sewage

In soil through the drainage system
Drainage system is an excavation with a width of 40-60 cm and a depth of 70-120 cm. Its bottom put a layer of sand (washed) for 10 to 15 cm. Over this put a layer of stone that will encompass the drain pipe (see drawing).

drainage system
To avoid entering the storm drain water or shore, over the layer of rock lies a PVC foil, then layer the filling. Drain length is determined by the septic tank volume (4-5 ml / 1000 L), but not exceed 20 ml in one direction.

Drainage system is taking over the role of water treated anaerobically in trench and final purification by filtration and aerobic decomposition of it into the soil. It can be singular in one direction or field drainage (depending on the volume fossa respectively treated water flow). In both forms, the inner surface of the drain pipe, called a culture of microorganisms and biological filter - the role of decomposing organic matter with oxygen (aerobic decomposition).

drainage system

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