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Water purification stations
Water purification station - solution for areas without sewer
SBR purification ministation

… after more than 7 months of laboratory tests, mechanical tests, samples of water discharged, accreditation, … ISO 9001 certification:

SBR LEADER is the first wastewater treatment plant produced integral in Romania by Romanian company SC C&O LEADER SRL, is based on activated sludge treatment and is designed to operate in unstable operating conditions, respectively disproportionate inflow.
SBR water purification ministation SBR water purification ministation
LEADER SBR wastewater treatment plant is the first entirely produced in Romania, allowing access and on-line monitoring of key operating parameters, minicomputer can read data from sensors of pH, dissolved oxygen measuring probes, large variations of input flow ... etc. so that the owner / beneficiary may change at any time and from anywhere using a PC / laptop and a program pre-installed operating parameters.

SBR water purification ministation

Water is treated in well-defined sequences - filling, aerobic and anaerobic treatment phase, sludge settling, sludge and treated water discharge in excess - all in one place and the same basin. The major difference between the SBR and conventional continuous systems is that the SBR basin unfolds chronologically and not all stages of treatment in various pools.

SBR LEADER computer program is designed to treat a wide range of flows at the entrance station and organic load, while continuous treatment process is based on relatively fixed.

Water treatment process in sequence (SBR) is the last generation, and is now an effective option to conventional water treatment system in wastewater treatment plants have been accepted and adopted throughout the European Union..
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