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water purification stations
Water purification station - solution for areas without sewer
SBR - Operating principles

water purification ministations

Phases of the LEADER SBR treatment plant has (sequential reactor operation):

  • Alimentation Waste water supply enters the first compartment where solids are separated and are retained in the bottom of it. From this compartment the fluid is pumped into the SBR aeration compartment.

  • Aeration Biological treatment process takes place in the SBR compartment. Through short sequences of controlled aeration and soothing, the millions of microorganisms developed inside the compartment consume organic matter in water, accelerating the decomposition process.

  • Clarification This phase allows light sediment in suspension to deposit on the bottom of the aeration compartment, and the clarified water remains on top, where it will be acquired by air-lift of evacuation site.

  • Disposal of such water is clarified by the natural receptors (soil, water course, absorbent well, or stored in various containers for agricultural work).

  • Return sludge dewatering is clarified after being transferred back to the primary treatment chamber, where the process is resumed, thus ensuring a complete treatment cycle.

Depending on the number of users of this plant requires regular vacuum deposited on the bottom of the mud compartments, usually at 18-24 months.

These treatment plants have not inside electromechanical components, in contact with water, so their degree of maintenance is greatly reduced. All necessary components are inside the plant operation control panel, located outside the treatment plant.

water purification ministations
Control panel, equipped with mini-computer, allows adjustment of the operation cycles for a greater flexibility in the process of treatment, and the vacation mode allows passing a maintenance operation for as long as the station is not used.

Sludge plant is completely stabilized product, has no odor and can be used in agriculture.
The entire LEADER SBR treatment equipment operates without releasing odor.
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