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Water purification stations
Water purification station - solution for areas without sewer
Montage / Installation

The station siting will avoid, if possible, steep slopes, unstable or can lose stability through excavations and groundwater to surface lands, macro, tasabile or low bearing capacity.

Step 1: Dig up manually or mechanically with a hole 30-40 inches wider than the container size gauge. Diameter container resulting from its depth plus share of sewer pipe burial in connection with the sand pit and the 10 to 20 cm from the bottom of the pit. Base hole must be perfectly flat and sturdy enough to support full container load.
water treatment plant water treatment plant
Step 2: It will place the container on the bottom of the pit using ropes or ribbons strong enough to support its weight and check horizontality location using a bubble level to.

Step 3: Fill with water, alternately or simultaneously, both compartments fossa rate of 30-40% of its volume to ensure a fair settlement on the bottom of the pit.

Filling material will be sand or soil (without rocks, debris or other particles that can be voltage concentrators container walls) !!!

Step 4: Fill the space between the pit walls and container uplutura material in layers of about 40 cm by mid-container.

Each layer must be compacted carefully (or flooded with water), so fill the space around the container.

Step 5: Fill container with water, alternately or simultaneously in both compartments.
Continue filling the hole as was shown above, not exceeding 60 cm layer of filling over the purification station!

Step 6: Insure:
- support for substation automation box at a distance of max. 3 ml;
- power supply (220 V or 380 V) of the box automation.

Allowed access on foot over the plant so installed.

Auto traffic is not allowed or any other vehicles !!!
If you want the road, then it must be remembered that this is not on the container, but the reinforced concrete slab poured over it. Supporting concrete slab is without prejudice to the container, using one specific methods (independent pillars, concrete walls, concrete tank, etc.).

In wetlands, where water table is near the surface pit, container must be placed on a concrete slab poured in the bottom end of the hole and anchored by means of screws.
water purification station montage installation instructionsAfter the above operations, commissioning of the plant will be made by a representative of the manufacturer.
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